Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Symptoms and Treatments in India

A condition is that the functional of the kidney function gradually decreases over a period of time are known as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Some of the common symptoms associated with CKD are that the patients feel extremely tired and have no energy. The patients feel the urge to urinate more often at night.  Dry and itchy skin can be one of the symptoms associated with Chronic Kidney Disease. Poor appetite and have trouble concentrating, are some of the symptoms associated with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The patients having chronic kidney disease usually have problems sleeping and have muscle cramping at night. Swollen feet and ankles with puffiness around the eyes are some of the prominent symptoms associated with chronic kidney disease.

The chronic kidney disease can be diagnosed through Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR). For the purpose of measuring the effective level of kidney functioning and determining the stage of chronic kidney disease, the doctors often prescribe Glomerular Filtration Rate tests or examinations. Depending upon the stage of chronic kidney disease, different drugs or another method of treatment can be advised by doctors. The main focus of doctors is often to treat the cause of chronic kidney disease instead of treating the systems alone.

Some complications can occur due to high blood pressure medications and medications to lower cholesterol levels during treatment of chronic kidney disease. The treatments followed by doctors when drugs fail to work are dialysis. For the purpose of artificially removing the waste from the body of the patients, the sophisticated process of dialysis is used. The dialysis of a kidney is divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. A dialysis machine filters excessive waste from the body in the case of hemodialysis. In peritoneal dialysis, a catheter (a thin tube) is inserted in the body that provides effective dialysis by absorbing excessive fluids and waste from the kidney.

Chronic Kidney Disease treatment india

Kidney transplantation in India can be preferred for the treatment of chronic kidney disease if other drugs and dialysis fail to work. Surgically removing the healthy kidney from the donor and transplanted into the patients under the supervision of high dose of immune-suppression drugs. The patients undergoing kidneys needs medication for whole life for the purpose of ensuring that the transplanted kidney doesn’t get rejected by the body.

For dialysis or kidney transplant, the patients first consult the well-known and best hospitals with world renowned Urologist in India. Effective treatment at low cost with fast recovery, make few Urology Consultants extremely popular and well-known in Delhi.

Apart from chronic kidney diseases, the patients can consult Kidney Stone Specialist Doctor in Delhi for effective diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones in India.


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